DMS Racing

Racepartshop goes live


We have just launched a new E-commerce website Racepartshop.com.

As Director of DMS Racing Ltd, Dixon Cheng approached us to build an e-commerce website to house their extensive list of performance car parts they have for sale.

The initial design was to have a feature area which could focus on specific products or offers, which could be interchangeable. The homepage would also focus on “Latest products” and “Most viewed products”. The e-commerce system has the usual facilities of product management, related products, discount codes, and product stock control. The order process also has an automated email flow which will keep the buyer informed of the purchase process.

There are full reporting facilities which show you total sales, by monthly, by weekly or the option to select targeted dates. You can also check the most popular product sales, products still in carts, abandoned carts, list customers by totals, popular search terms and much more.

We integrated the web shop with Barclays ePDQ payment gateway and PayPal’s payment gateway, which both call back to complete the order.

If you are looking for an e-commerce solution please feel free to contact us.