New Board 24 Website

We have just launched a new website for Board24.

The previous website was very restrictive using a lot of flash and the flash intro page certainly wasn’t doing their SEO any favours.

The new website focus was to produce an engaging and usable solution for their customers. Tools such as the bespoke MOQ calculator allows their users to quickly enter details of their requirements, when submitted, it automatically calculates whether their submission is the most efficient use of the resources and recommends specific details to gain the best solution. They are then able to submit the results to the sales team for an accurate quote. The MOQ Calculator is beneficial to both the client and sales as it maximises efficiency from both parts.

Clear call to actions throughout the site and the online contact allows users to communicate easily with the sales team. Feeds from the Board24 twitter account, consistent news updates and email marketing is keeping customers engaged with new products, offers and general news within Board24