Barrie Stephen Hair

Barrie Stephen Cut It with our Email Marketing Solution

Award winning Barrie Stephen Hair based in Leicester, approached 3bit via our close friends Work Design for an Email marketing solution that wouldn’t break the bank. We offered a solution at a one off cost which has no charges for per email sending. This has allowed them to use the system as much as they like without the concerns of being charged each time they send a campaign.

Work Design designed the initial email in which we then built an HTML and text only version of the templates. These were then integrated in to the email system which Barrie Stephens can select and add appropriate body copy, subject title and send onto their specifically targeted subscribers. The system stores a full list of Reports such as read tracking, link tracking, forwards, bounces and unsubscriptions.

There is full campaign management with the ability to send recurring emails, autoresponders and split testing, you can generate unlimited lists and add an unlimited number of subscribers.